Monday, 29 April 2013

Alfred Russel Wallace

With so much about Alfred Russel Wallace happening at the NHM and the new BBC Bill Bailey programme about him, I thought it was high time I put up a couple of pictures of my natural historians that I made for my MA show. I chose to make a few of the natural historians from the past that I found the most interesting to look at, and had personal or  professional stories that grabbed my attention. (which admittedly is a lot of them) Wallace is described as  'An intrepid explorer and brilliant naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) co-published the theory of evolution by natural selection with Charles Darwin in 1858 and was one of the most celebrated scientists of his era' (NHM Website )

I also made Mary Anning, the female fossil hunter based in Lyme Regis, and Evelyn Cheesman, who had guts- as in bravery and adventures with spiders and snakes- Please have a read ;

 Have a look here at an old blog post for my figurine of Friedrich Welwitsch.

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