A new screen print of the South Kensington museums in London. I've been experimenting with a range of colours. It's made from 2 layers of paper cut stencils, cut by hand.

I've joined the London Print Studios in Westbourne park, and I'll be  doing more maps of London and other cities next year.

This screenprint of Winchester (below) is a project I started before going to the RCA, which I carried on in the evenings in my first year, and finally got around to printing a few copies in my second year. I've recently printed more in new colours.

It was made by hand cutting two scenes, the first being the roads and names of my home town- Winchester, and the second trees and houses, this was made into two screens and printed in navy and yellow. I want to try out different colours when I can get into a print studio again.


 I am still pretty obsessed by deep sea giants, such as the Grouper, and Giant Squid...and dry points are a brilliant way to bring my sketches to life, albeit in a gloomy dark sort of way. These are images of recent prints, showing Darwins Pet Octopus, which he kept in his cabin aboard ship, a Gianty Squid, and a Grouper with a large shoal of silver fishes swirling around it. Most of them are first attempts, and I think I'll make some a bit gloomier next time.

With drypoint printing, you coat your whole image (which is scratched into a metal plate) in thick sticky ink, and then remove the ink until you can see the bits of the image you want to reveal. The ink stays in the scratches, but you can rub the rest away to create the pale areas of print. Then you lay it onto thick damp paper, and roll it through a press. Its very fun. It has to be done individually each time, so every print is a bit different. I get completely covered in ink, which is maybe why I like it so much. Also, the ink smells GREAT. I'll post more underwater print images soon.

This is a group of prints I made whilst on my BA at Bath Spa.
I was supposed to carry on to learn etching on the print course but I liked doing dry point so much I never got there. So many techniques, so little time.

These images are of my friends at the beach at Westward HO!

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