Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Waiting for the kiln to cool....

A couple of photos I've taken today while waiting for my kiln to cool down. The foxes are glazed and waiting to be fired.....and below is a very good reason to always finish the biscuits before leaving the studio.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Trusty Servant

As part of my collection of Winchester figurines, this week I made this 'Trusty Servant'. I created my own print of him  (above left) from an image I found on one of my dads jugs
and then made a figurine from my own print. I was worried about making a figure that balanced on hooves rather than feet, but it worked out ok, although as usual I'm not getting too attached to this figurine until it's had both it's firings.
Below is the poem about the Trusty Servant explaining why he looks how he looks. He's an embodiment of the perfect servant, which is quite a horrid and old fashioned notion, but also means he's pretty interesting in appearance.
The Trusty Servant appears on antique  souvenir pottery and prints from Winchester, and there's a large painting of him hanging in Winchester College.