Friday, 12 June 2015

Little Portland St, Window Sticker

Here is my window display at Exposure on Little Portland Street. My original design was made on Illustrator and started twice the size of the final piece. It included a Sperm Whale swimming across both windows, but in the end the budget didn't stretch to it. I'm really happy with what I ended up with, seeing my colours large and bold was a real buzz after looking at them through on a small computer screen. Hopefully I can do another window design in the future, as the whole process was so enjoyable.

It was fairly easy to put up, although a professional stickerer might notice a couple of glitches here and there. I got the sticker from Mint Signs, and they were great to deal with.

The work in the exhibition is available to buy from my online shop! It can be posted out only once the exhibition is over!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Some new illustrations on dishes for my show at Exposure this month in Little Posrtland St, London. The theme of the show was up to me, so I decided to have fun and concentrate on current and ongoing fixations of mine, birds and the deep sea. Also I'll put up a couple of cat plates if I have space.

My show is called Ocean and Aviary. I designed a large window vinyl sticker for the front window of the gallery, which I'm sticking up myself, for the first time ever so I hope there's not too much of  knack to it!


A couple of photos of  Diver and Atlantic Octopus figurines from my show 'Encounters' at Corvi-Mora Gallery, courtesy of Marcus Leith.