Monday, 30 April 2012

Polly and the Billets Doux

My friends Polly and the Billets Doux are going on tour this May,....and they have a new EP, called 'Hold Fast'. The EP is brilliant, I have listened to it over and over, and I love the artwork too. Its a collage by the artist David Keeping (see links).  The band were filmed doing a BBC radio interview, and here's a nice video of the recording of the title song 'Hold Fast'....go see them on tour!


They've got other releases too, and I did the artwork for their album-  'Fiction, Half Truths, and Downright Lies' and last single 'Cry Cry'.


I've been making tiles, tiles tiles. Dinosaur tiles are taking over my desk. The very simple design is based on an amazing fossilized skeleton at the Natural History museum.

I've been using the floor to make a very large squid mural. Keeping track of all the tentacles was tricky as I had no room to lay all the tiles out at the same time. I hope these tiles will make it to my final show in June. Here's some work in progress.

'Pick Me Up'

Went to 'Pick Me Up' at Sommerset House, and bumped in to some familiar faces who I know from Bath Spa University. I love the perspectives and humour in Matthew The Horse's work (see my links).

As I've got my eyes peeled for squids these days, I liked this one too...

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The First Post

So, I'm not sure how to start a blog, but here goes. This is a picture of me at my desk at the RCA, trying to look happy and at ease for a photo to go with an interview for Brompton Quarterly magazine. I've been working on tiles and figurines for the last few months, all about the Natural history Museum, which handily is just around the corner from here. The big fish is an orange Roughy Fish and it's being devoured by 'Demestes Malculatus' which are flesh eating beetles. The figurine in front is of a man called Frederick Wilhelm Lund, who did lots of work discovering sabre tooth tiger bones and the like.