Friday, 7 December 2012

Images for Poetry

 Here's some work drying on top of my kiln, for a group show at Flow Gallery in the spring (oops and an odd tentacle). It's inspired by 'The Fatal Interview' by Edna St Vincent Millay. It's a very melodramatic epic (52 sonnets in all)  love poem published in the 1930's. I'll put a quote in but it might take me a while to choose one.....

Love is not all: it is not meat nor drink
Nor slumber nor a roof against the rain;
Nor yet a floating spar to men that sink
And rise and sink and rise and sink again;
Love cannot fill the thickened lung with breath,
Nor clean the blood, nor set the fractured bone;
Yet many a man is making friends with death
Even as I speak, for lack of love alone.
It may well be that in a difficult hour,
Pinned down by pain and moaning for release,
Or nagged by want past resolution's power,
I might be driven to sell your love for peace,
Or trade the memory of this night for food.
It may well be. I do not think I would.

(From "Fatal Interview" 1931)

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